Haley Adams Mobile Vet

Long awaited work to spruce up history at the Boissevain Cemetery began recently.

If the two previous Stick it to Cancer street hockey tournaments were an iceless return to the outdoor game, 2017 was the evolution into the indoor variety.

Don Vitko is happy because his plants are happy.

Kramer, North Dakota resident Jennifer Issendorf places some flowers at the Peace Garden 9-11 memorial in honour of her childhood friend who was killed that horrific day 16 years ago.

Once again, the Hicks family took the opportunity of a nice weekend to celebrate their ties to their past and their home area.

With a new school year upon them, Boissevain School staff and students are continuing to develop the combination of academics and character building they are known for.

The community should be seeing some happy farmers this fall.

If keeping the EMS services in the community is a battle that must be fought, the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton has assembled a pretty impressive arsenal of facts, with enough ammunition to keep going until the end of hostilities.

The Boissevain Resettlement Committee is in the process of settling Boissevain’s newest family, while the entire community makes them welcome.

Marijuana, just bringing that word into a conversation can get many varied reactions. Marijuana has been legal since 2001 for medical purposes. Is Canada going to be ready for recreational marijuana on the legislated date of July 1, 2018?