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June 2023

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find totaly 10 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Boissevain’s Zoe Hicks headed for Italy with national team

In a career already full of highlights, Boissevain’s Zoe Hicks has added a new one that will take her to Europe next month. The Louisiana Tech alumnus and member of the Los Angeles Dodgers organizati... read more..

CJRB radio losing longtime voice

After more than 40 years, CJRB radio will be losing what Harry Chapin would call “the bright good morning voice” next month. Unlike the fictional DJ of “WOLD”, Barry Lamb has not moved from station t... read more..

Culture camp celebrates Indigenous traditions

Canada is made up of a mosaic of cultures. It is important to learn about each one, and that begins with the First Nations and Metis. An exciting new learning experience took place on June 14 at the ... read more..

Refurbished park at Elgin boon to Grassland municipality

The work of the latest phase at Whitewater Park east of Elgin is nearing completion, while what has already been done has proven to be a boon to the community and the Municipality of Grassland. With ... read more..

Railroad display added to Wildlife Museum

  The addition of an older display should be a big boon to the Goodon International Wildlife Museum. The attraction, located by Tommy Turtle on the south end of Boissevain, was opened for the season... read more..

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