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April 2017

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find totaly 12 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Refugee family finds life good in Boissevain

With their first family becoming more independent, the Boissevain Resettlement Committee is looking at moving their focus to another family of refugees. In June of 2016, Yemane Teklemichael, his wi... read more..

Deloraine new complex gets green light

Those involved in the Deloraine-Winchester curling rink/town hall project are now hoping that they are going ahead, the community can come together to build a complex for the future. At their Counc... read more..

The struggle of finding child care amidst baby boom

Government commitments to improve child-care do not always make it to the front lines, as local daycares can attest to. Changing numbers, and sometimes lack of space, and an all-the-time lack of fu... read more..

Career change brings new constable to Boissevain

Constable Ross Dupre is looking forward to getting his first policing experience in the community of Boissevain. Dupre arrived in Boissevain last weekend and began his duties on April 17. He said t... read more..

Boissevain-Morton declares state of emergency

 In order to be ready in case the situation around Whitewater Lake escalates, the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton declared a state of emergency on April 17. High water levels at the lake, which w... read more..

Boissevain losing Hydro office

A long feared development has finally come to pass, according to Manitoba Hydro. The Crown Corporation announced earlier this week that they would be closing 12 district offices in southern Manitob... read more..

Whitewater Lake continues to loom this spring

With no solution yet on the horizon, the relative quiet on the Whitewater Lake front could become noisy at any time. Once again, we had a snowy winter, and that never bodes well for the lake betwee... read more..

100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

One of the biggest milestones in Canada’s 150 years as a nation came exactly 100 years ago, and the Boissevain Legion is helping us remember. Legion President Doug McCallum has created a special di... read more..

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