• Council hopefuls present views to electors

    Council hopefuls present views to electors

    Plenty of interest was shown by Boissevain-Morton voters ahead of the October 24 election, as the candidates presented their views and visions of the future.

    The Boissevain Community Theatre was packed as ten out of the eleven hopefuls running for the six available council seats faced the public in the first ever Boissevain & District Chamber of Commerce Candidate’s Forum. According to Chamber President Ken Hole, it was an impressive outing.

    “It’s my first kick at the cat and it wasn’t our idea, it was brought to us,” Hole explained. “I’m very impressed. I have been in business 25 years and I have never seen a town meeting like this and I thought it went very well. There were lots of great ideas, lots of great answers, it was great to see the seats filled. There was a wide variety of people here.”

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  • A look at council’s track record

    A look at council’s track record

    Although voters may have some concerns about issues like taxes, they should also remember the high contributions members of current council and those in the past have made to the community.

    This is the message of Rob Adams, a 16-year veteran of the council for the Town of Boissevain and later Boissevain-Morton. Seeking re-election for another term on October 24, he said he thinks the good work done over about twenty years is sometimes forgotten.

  • Whisper, a horse challenge

    Whisper, a horse challenge

    “We were thinking maybe I would break one more, and I guess I got one.”

    So said Glen Vandoorne about his and wife Audrey’s newest addition to their family. Whisper, an American ex-pat who crossed the border illegally in August took some time to bring under some semblance of control. Work continues, but she is becoming more responsive and friendly and has a good future.

  • New leasee for Border Town Restaurant

    New leasee for Border Town Restaurant

    It is quite unusual for an employee to leave a business and then be asked to take it over the next day, but Franz Hoerl had that very experience.

    Hoerl and his partner Suzie Rice are the new operators of Border Town restaurant in Boissevain. He had been working there for eight and a half months before leaving mid-September. Hoerl was not gone for long.

    “Tuesday was my last day,” Hoerl said, “and then on a Wednesday, I got an offer to take it over. We talked it over and I was approached again and we thought we should try it. I have a feeling for it, and it’s a good restaurant and otherwise it will close.”

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