• Gossip in the Graveyard

    Gossip in the Graveyard

    Souris community members got behind the idea of delivering a spellbinding event to residents and visitors. Gossip in the Graveyard was part of Heritage Days 2021 and it sold out very quickly.
    “We had three gossip performances at capacity of 75,” explained Eleanor Thompson, a volunteer who coordinated the event with other volunteers from the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. “We were able to donate $710 to Hillcrest Museum.”
    According to Thompson, due to the popularity of the event, encore performances are in the works for October 3 during Scarecrow Days.

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  • Another successful Foodgrains harvest, friend honoured

    Another successful Foodgrains harvest, friend honoured

    Not only were organizers of the Boissevain-Morton-Whitewater Grow Project able to harvest a good crop for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, but also they were able to share the day with friends for the first time in two years.
    Volunteers hit the field outside of Fairfax on September 11 to bring in the crop of wheat. According to Darren Peters of the committee, the rain held back and they were able to have a successful outing.
    “It went great,” Peters said. “We had a good turnout and a great crop. I mean, I think we have all been surprised, the farmers in the area are generally surprised with the quality of the crops and that field was better than the others.”
    They were able to get over 56 bushels to the acre with a total of more than 16,000 bushels of #2 Red Spring Wheat. They hit the field after lunch at about 12:45pm and everything was finished by about 4:30. Eight combines, two grain carts and 11 trucks participated and everything was at the Viterra terminal outside of Boissevain, with a little patience from the staff, by the end of the day.
    Peters said it is always hard to tell how many people will participate as the harvest date always has a last minute quality, but they were happy with the turnout.

  • Peace Garden seeing Canadian visitors with ArriveCan

    Peace Garden seeing Canadian visitors with ArriveCan

    With the border opening up, and a new app provided by the government for travellers entering the country, a local attraction is starting to see some Canadian visitors.
    The federal government opened up the Canadian border early last month for US visitors the first time since March 2020. As a part of this, they introduced the ArriveCan app. It can be downloaded on a smart phone and is a tool to assist travellers entering the country or returning home to Canada.
    All travellers, with a few exceptions, have to use ArriveCan to enter the country by land, air or water. A trip must be registered on the app 72 hours before arriving at a border crossing.
    When a person goes on ArriveCan, they enter relevant information, including their vaccination status. This includes type of vaccines and dates of immunization. Passport info must also be included. Your date and time of arrival to the border and your quarantine plan are also a part of the information you must provide. You will be given an online ticket, which can be presented to a border services officer or airline carrier. The app and receipt are not a replacement for your passport or vaccination information, however.

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