• #10 curves nearing completion

    #10 curves nearing completion

    Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation are hoping to have the last phase of the #10 Highway project done before the snow flies. 

    Work has been progressing on the curves north of Boissevain since spring. Like much of the highway north and south of Boissevain, the existing curves were in rough shape. The Province of Manitoba began planning the project several years ago, at the same time as the other work on the road was being done. As the existing double curve located just north of town did not meet current standards – as a Road Transportation Association of Canada (RTAC) route, a high level of safety was necessary – they decided not to re-work the old road, but to build new curves. This meant working with landowners and designing a new route. The new curves have a wider curve radius, improved elevation, paved shoulders and fewer access points. These will improve safety and bring them up to current standards.

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  • Wet, cool weather delays harvest

    Wet, cool weather delays harvest

    As soon as Mother Nature allows, farmers would like to get back in the fields and combine what looks to be a decent crop.

    In a rather odd year, the weather patterns in the area are kicking up another fuss. A dry spring was followed by a fair bit of rain in early summer. It dried out again, but near the end of August, the rains returned. Of course, this is the time for harvest, and rains are not as welcome.

    “It’s frustrating for sure,” said Minto area producer and Keystone Agricultural Producers President Bill Campbell. “It’s time to be harvesting. You see the crop out there and you want it in the bin. You want to get at it, but we’re in a bad weather pattern.”

  • Western Archrib invest $3 million on Boissevain expansion

    Western Archrib invest $3 million on Boissevain expansion

    When all is said and done by 2022, Western Archrib in Boissevain will be ready to take on all comers in glulam production.

    On August 22, the company announced a major expansion project, to the tune of $3.1 million. This investment will allow the local branch to compete for major jobs across the world in a market that is constantly becoming more competitive.

    A special guest at the announcement was Kent Fargey, the president of Western Archrib, based in Edmonton. He went through some of the history of the company in Boissevain, starting with the Dring brothers in the 1940’s and including the purchase of the plant by the present parent in 1987. However, the investment they are making is about the future.

  • Start of assisted living delayed to September

    Start of assisted living delayed to September

    The exercise in democracy is playing a role in the delay of the local assisted living project.

    Originally, the 35-unit facility was to have its groundbreaking by the end of August. However, as is not unusual, there have been a few delays. According to George Heide of the Turtle Mountain Heritage Group that is spearheading the effort, one of these is the dropping of the writ.

    “We’ve had a few hook ups in this, a few delays,” Heide explained, “and one of these is the election.”

    The government in Manitoba set a new provincial election for September 10. Heide said they were in contact with the government over a few unmentioned items, and as he explained, nothing much happens while an election is in the offing. It has slowed them down a little.

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