• Municipality starts new lagoon process

    Municipality starts new lagoon process

    Although much is still up in the air, Boissevain-Morton started the long process of replacing the community’s lagoon.

    On March 25, council held a public meeting to lay out their preliminary plans. As the COVID-19 situation is in place, there were only a few spaces available for the public to sit in the Council Chambers, in order to deal with social distancing concerns. However, the meeting was available on live stream and through conference call so everyone would have a chance to comment. 

    The lagoon situation has been many years in the making. As Head of Council Judy Swanson said, the municipality has not met the regulations in the existing lagoon on the southwest end of Boissevain for many years.

Community Events

  • Paterson announces leaving Boissevain end of April

    Paterson announces leaving Boissevain end of April

    While the community watches one of the company’s elevators come down, they are learning the other will soon be abandoned.

    A letter from Paterson Grain to customers this month explained that the company’s operations in Boissevain would be ended by April 30. It said the difficult decision came as a result of “current economic pressure in the agricultural industry.”

    The elevator on the east end of South Railway Street was built by N.M. Paterson in 1960. They have been a part of Boissevain’s agricultural scene and skyline ever since.

  • Theatre looking for volunteer help

    Theatre looking for volunteer help

    Although operations at the Boissevain Community Theatre are going well, those involved are hoping to get some help and make a few changes inside in the near future.

    The theatre was constructed in 2012, and has been open nearly eight years. Replacing the old building, which was shut down in 2009, it has been one of the great community success stories. With nearly a decade under its belt, it continues in that vein.

    “Overall, it is going very well,” said Theatre Manager Brad Peters. “The theatre is operating in a sustainable manner, financially speaking. That is important, I think, given the situation in our community at the moment financially.”

  • Generous donations help with Minor Ball year

    Generous donations help with Minor Ball year

    Parents wanting their children to enjoy life on the diamond this spring will have one less thing to worry about.

    Boissevain Minor Ball started taking registrations for the 2020 season on February 21, with the deadline being March 8. According to Minor Ball President Chad Reimer, they were not sure how many registrations they had taken in by early last week, but he said for boys’ and girls’ ball, they had around 150 of them last year.

    “We are one of the highest registrations in the region,” Reimer stated. “A lot of teams in smaller towns struggle, they want to partner up. I’ve gotten calls from towns already that want to have teams together, but I have been waiting to see what our numbers are first.”

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