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    Hello Southwest Manitoba, I hope everyone is doing well.
    I have been on hiatus since I last wrote this ag column that was called “Fenceline Forum”. In fact, it has been at least 15 years since I wrote for our local papers in the SW Corner. So, I am very thankful to have this opportunity to share once again some of my thoughts and experiences in this wonderful world of agriculture. Considering there were only three farmers and my grandmothers that read my column in the past I will introduce myself once again:
    I grew up at Dand, Manitoba and I started farming there with my Dad (David Day) in 1989, at the same time I became the rookie Ag Rep in Killarney. I moved to become the Ag Rep in Boissevain in 1995, the same week our daughter Alex was born, who is now at Memorial U taking a biology degree.

Community Events

  • New Boissevain arena planned for east end

    New Boissevain arena planned for east end

    Although some might be surprised by the site, many will be pleased there is a replacement for the aging Boissevain Arena on the horizon.
    This week, Council for Boissevain-Morton revealed they had chosen a site for a new skating rink in the community, to be on the east end of town. A new arena has been discussed heavily in the past, with a committee struck and basic drawings done. It might not be a completely back to the drawing board situation, but plans are still fairly different than what had been previously proposed.
    Head of Council Judy Swanson said council has been working on research for updating recreation facilities in the community quietly behind the scenes. As she explained, facilities in Boissevain were all built at more or less the same time, and are starting to get beyond their lifespan.

  • Boissevain students set up class at Legion Hall

    Boissevain students set up class at Legion Hall

    It might be a few months later than originally scheduled, but Boissevain School is now operating high school classes at the Legion Hall.
    Due to COVID-19, there have been a number of changes at schools in the province to educate students while keeping safety protocols in place. Keeping students two metres apart meant smaller classes and schools attempted to find different ways to accommodate their numbers. For some time in some schools, this meant part-time classroom, part-time distance learning. At Boissevain School, once Prairie Mountain Health was moved into Code Orange in the fall, they began work to move classes into the Legion Hall on North Railway Street. A lot of preparation went into the move, including sorting out Wi-Fi logistics and making sure staff and teachers could rotate back and forth between the school and the hall. Before the move could be made, however, the province switched everyone over to the restrictive Code Red, eventually  moving older students to distance learning.

  • Assisted living facility on target for July opening

    Assisted living facility on target for July opening

    The development of the assisted living facility in Boissevain continues to be the good news story in the community during a period of turmoil.
    The construction for the structure began in the spring of 2020, with planning and fundraising beginning many years before. The parent organization, Southwest Senior Housing Inc., is more than pleased with the progress thus far and are looking at a completion halfway through this year.
    “Things are going really well,” said George Heide of SWSH. “There have been a few hiccups here and there, but things are moving forward, with really good progress. The guys are not short of work.”
    The building is right next to the Boissevain Health Centre along Highway #10. When completed, there will be 35 suites of different amenities, which will allow seniors to live semi-independently, while having access to services like meals and laundry. It would be a great boon to the area, allowing seniors to stay in or close to their home communities.

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