• Families provide winter fun at Hasselfield Lake

    Families provide winter fun at Hasselfield Lake

    Community spirit at its finest is evident at Hasselfield Lake. Bob and Ann Betts made the lake their home in 2012 and started what has become a yearly tradition - a ready-made outdoor rink on the lake. Each year the rink has evolved - getting bigger and better. This year’s additions include a fire pit and benches. In 2018 Scott and Debbie Dunn moved to the lake and joined forces with the Betts to create the outdoor venue.
    “We’ve become great friends and each year we dream up new ways to make the rink better and more inclusive,” said Scott. “It’s really become a community project. People are always dropping off things to help with the rink. This year it is a regulation size rink - 80 ft. wide x 200 feet long and includes blue lines, red lines – it’s very authentic.”

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  • Hearing set to sell portion of street to Western Archrib

    Hearing set to sell portion of street to Western Archrib

    In order to help a major business in Boissevain grow and prosper, Council for Boissevain-Morton is looking to close part of a street and transfer ownership.
    On January 21, 2021 at 10:00am, the municipality will be holding a public hearing in the Civic Centre to discuss shutting down the northernmost portion of Egan Street. According to Head of Council Judy Swanson, this came from one of the biggest employers in the community.
    “This is a street they were using,” Swanson explained. “It is a piece that runs through their lot. The idea is it is important for them to own it, so instead of just closing it off, we are looking to actually sell them the piece.”
    The area in question is about a block long, and would run from the lane just to the south of the laminating business to Buckingham Street to the north. Swanson said there would be a caveat on the sale, giving the municipality access underneath the street so they could do repairs to the water and sewer system when necessary.

  • A lifetime of love celebrated

    A lifetime of love celebrated

    Jock and Lois Carr of Melita will reach an amazing milestone on December 29, 2020 when they celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.
    Lois was born in Portage la Prairie to Samuel and Sarah (O’Reilly) Fonger. Her dad worked with CPR as a train dispatcher, which meant several moves for the family. From Portage they went to Starbuck where Lois completed schooling until grade six. From there it was on to Altona where she finished high school, and onto Success Business College before her 17th birthday. Lois was hired by the Canadian Surety Co. as a filing clerk.
    “I never liked the city or my job, so went home to work as a ‘permit teacher’,” Lois said. “During the war in 1940, teachers enlisted in the army as was better pay, so anyone with college or high school could apply for a country school.”
    When her parents moved to St. Claude, Lois moved home and applied for the job at Arbroath School north of Treherne. The next career move for Samuel was to Napinka and this is where Lois and Jock’s love story began.

  • Moffatt’s memorial fund to support education and sport safety

    Moffatt’s memorial fund to support education and sport safety

    When long-time Southwest Cougar supporter Grant Moffatt passed away earlier this year, his loss was felt deeply, not only within his circle of family and friends, but also within his larger family, the hockey world. Moffat’s loss was profound and the Southwest U18 Cougars felt that loss even more than any other organization. His work with the team was a great love in his life and the feeling was mutual.
    You don’t have to go very far to find someone who will share a story or discuss exactly what Moffat meant to them. Debbie Butler is a second cousin to Moffatt and she also had two sons come through the Cougar system, and acted as co-manager for a year.

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